The Harrison Organ transplanted!

As part of the renovation of the interior of St Mark's Church, the old organ in the church was removed. Circumstances enabled the congregation to obtain the organ from St. Luke's Church, Cowley in Oxfordshire, England, following the closure of that church. This organ was built by the eminent English organ-builders Harrison & Harrison of Durham, considered the best of 20th-century English organ builders. As there are no other significant Harrison organs in Australia, this was a coup for St. Marks, and the organ is unique in Australia.

The rebuilding of the Cowley organ in St. Mark's Church cost over $200,000. It was a great acquisition, not just for St. Mark's Church, but for Melbourne and Victoria. Organists and music lovers from all over Australia come to play and hear this organ. The Harrison firm has built many of the great organs of England, including Westminster Abbey. At last there is a Harrison organ in Australia, and it is located here in Melbourne.

The organ was rebuilt by the noted Australian organ builder, Peter Jewkes.

Find out more about the organ, and previous St Mark's organs, at the Organ Historical Trust of Australia website.