Music Development Fund

Fostering the beauty of sacred music

Our Music Development Program is intended to foster music in God’s Church.

Money is used to support choral, vocal and organ music in such activities as:

  • Saint Mark’s Choral Bursary Program
  • Purchasing music for the Saint Mark’s Choir Library
  • Special Carol Services (Advent and Easter) or Special Concerts on occasion
  • Concerts using the Harrison and Harrison organ including the Lindsay O’Neill Memorial Recital in July of each year
  • Purchasing and / or maintaining the musical instruments of the parish

We invite you to be part of this wonderful and lively program. Please donate today!

Some benefits of being an annual donor to the Music Development Fund are:

  • An invitation to social events for donors to the Music Development Fund
  • An invitation to special Carol Liturgies or free entry to concerts for donors who donate over $250.00 each year

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